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Get Excited As Weekend Geneve Is Here !

· Weekend Geneve

There are so many exciting things to do in Geneva but with the busy schedule, everything seems to have been lost somewhere. Time has changed and now you can also come out of the boredom with our Weekend Geneve. Take a look -

The night is beautiful – Does it exactly the same as it looks like? Here the question behind this event is the same. In this event, the prospects of the pollution and its effects on nature are going to be discussed. It is a matter of concern and hence cannot be ignored at any level. If you also want to put forward your point and want to the details in depth then do join this event and is free too. Be a part of this Weekend Geneve and share your thoughts too. The dates are November 24th and 25th.

Mai – Thu Perret – Have you ever been part of the exhibitions that are larger than life? If not then this is one such event where the art of the very famous artist Mai – Thu Perret will be displayed and even the entire first floor of the venue is booked for one event only. You must get your tickets now and enjoy the show. The dates are November 24th and 25th.

Laia Abril – Suyay – Do you know, till date many relatives and loved ones of those who are living in Peru have not come back. Yes, this is the reality and one needs to know about it. There are no stories and at the same time the agony, stress and sadness can never be expressed in words too. In this exhibition, the pain of the people has been tried to express at a broad level. So book your tickets for the Weekend Geneve that is November 24th and 25th.

Uniques – Sometimes there are certain artists who were never given the stage where they can showcase their skills and at the same time their arts got lost with fleeting time. But now in the exhibition, all the artists will get their recognition and respect as here the artwork of every genre will be placed for the public to see and appreciate. The dates of the shows are November 24th and 25th so buy your tickets now.

These acts and shows here in Geneva are planned to make the life of people more entertaining and exciting. So, let yourself dive in the pool of Weekend Geneve with us at

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